anal beads

You put them in your ass then pull them out to feel good. you don't get much from just having beads up there.
Yank my anal bead, bitch.

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  • tot he interjection used to convey emphasis of agreement regarding a just discussed topic or idea.

    2.a general interjection of happiness or discovery
  • Hot Topic

    A store found in just about every mall. one that at one time used to be "scary", but then got popular. whatever, i cant say much because i used to shop there (in like, junio high). i just moved on to thrift stores after.
  • excite

    Excite: the level of excitement ranked below excited .
    or: you are either to lazy to type out excited or just wanted to sound stupid.
  • Dies

    In parentheses, as a single paragraph at the end of a written doofer, translates roughly as "i've just said something shallow and maybe witty".
  • baby girls

    These are girls that can only be found once in a lifetime and are like rare roses just waiting to be picked up. they are perfect from every angle and are loved with great satisfaction.