A person who is financially well-off. having an abundent supply of material possessions. to be fortunate and prosperous.
He has 10 luxury cars and a mansion. He's affluent.

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  • Rich

    When your family has enough money to buy whatever you/they want. you have atleast one expensive car, a house worth atleast a million bucks, and possibly a vacation house. you can afford to go shopping whenever you want and wear designer clothes. people envy you.

    Description of wealthy; wealthy can have many meanings, you can be wealthy in many ways, mind, body, spirit or material possessions

    if youve loved and been loved back you are truly wealthy
    as far as material possessions, usually the guy next door with a fat bank account, drives a bmw, drinks huge quantities of starbucks and has it easy
  • laughwhore

    A laughwhore is basically a person who laughs way too much over things that are funny nor unfunny.
  • rich

    A person who has successfully avoided paying taxes
  • rich bitch

    An extremley rich person, usually seen wearing fur coats and high class suits. they almost always live in huge ass mansions, and drive high-class foreign cars. while some can be complete assholes, others actually share their wealth.