First year of the 90s
everyone born this year is pretty much a bamf.
person 1: what year were you born?
person 2: 1990.
person 1: whoa, youz a bamf.

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  • ftw

    Ftw is backwords for wtf. it should only be used in extreme circumstances

    'omg wtf bbq' is basically a way of making fun of someone who always uses extraneous acronyms while chatting/talking. examples include omg, wtf, lol, lmao, cba, tbh, ftw, ftl, etc.

    omg wtf bbq was made for people to use when they can't stand the acronyms anymore. it's generally understood that once you are bbq'ed, you must end the acronym talk and speak actual english.
  • Ftw

    For the win
  • shat

    That past-tense of shit.

    see shit
  • shite

    One's way to say "shit" in a non bad way