To exaggerate something that you have or something you've done.
Man he boostin his stats talkin bout he hit a different chick every day.

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Relevant definitions

  • imply

    To suggest that something is something.
  • Lieing

    The misspelled version of the word lying. this word traces its roots back to matthew who did not learn how to spell properly while attending university of phoenix online.
  • good call

    Something the elmville (and only elmville) kids say when someone offers a sarcastic, tasteless comeback in regards to a situation.
  • biblical proportions

    Something that happens on such a huge scale it could be biblical- ie in the bible. so when jesus walked on water or performed one of other many miricles they are considered on bibical proportions, after all they're in the bible.
  • sucks to be you

    This phrase is used against a person that currently sucks. this phrase could also be used when something bad happens to a person. during the victims misfortune, you simply say "sucks to be you, ya sucker!"