A word used by skater fags to describe their really gay snowboarding or skateboarding ways. usually used to try and impress girls but always backfires, unless of course it is a skater slut.
hey girl see me shreddin out there today?

No, and i dont like you, get out of my face.

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Relevant definitions

  • slore

    A slut and a whore. a chick who is easy. a girl who likes to have sex and is usually good at it.
  • slutface

    A girl/lady who has the quality of sucking any guy who looks at her.
    also a lady who spreads her legs and shows her poontang to all those who please.
  • Manslut

    A predatory, perpetually single male who spends every minute of every day chasing skirt. this behavior may verge from the passive and cute to the idiotic and destructive.
  • Sloot

    A few similar definitions:

    1. where “slut” is a term used for the common trashy promiscuous girl, “sloot” is used for a high-caliber girl finally getting her groove on.

    2. when a normally non promiscuous girl is promiscuous in a mischievous, cheeky way.

    3. affectionately used between girlfriends to encourage a friend's recent promiscuous behavior.

    4. it's a salute to a friend....a girl's high-five.
  • slam pig

    Someone that gets slammed on a regular basis.