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  • star spangled banner

    The american national anthem was written by francis scott key and perfected by jimi hendrix
  • american flag

    When a chick sucks your dick, however, she only sucks the head and for quite some time. this leads to a red head, a white shaft, and blue balls.
  • Gurlz!

    An exclamation, without which one may not claim to be a computer science teacher.
  • friendboy

    A friend who is a boy but deliberately not a boyfriend because you want no emotional attachments or jealousy issues if you feel like kissing other people.

    synonym: (man) friend with benefits
    variation: friendman
  • bitch and moan

    What you motherfuckers do on your urban dictionary accounts.
    what liberals and conservatives do to each other.
    what most youtube comments are
  • Recoil

    1. move back suddenly: to move back suddenly and violently, e.g. after an impact.

    2. feel horror: to react instinctively with fear, horror, disgust, or distaste.

    3. sudden backward movement: a sudden and violent backward movement, especially that of a firearm when it is fired.

    4. movement away in horror: a movement back or away from something, especially in horror or disgust.
  • Shiting

    The act of droping a shit

    pushing a load, growing a tail, taking the browns to the superbowl, droping the cosby kids off at the pool, droping a deuce
  • Cold Stone

    An ice cream place that is taking over small towns everywhere. it's the equivalent of starbucks. the lines are so long it takes about half an hour to get something. it's ridiculously expensive and the employees sing obnoxious songs when you tip them. it's sooo yuppie.
  • some fucking

    Buy some already.
  • Kody

    Generally pretty hot. always makes a good boyfriend, funny, has much integrity, intelligence and wit. sometimes says weird, off-the-wall things. big movie buff.

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