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  • spillage

    Tits that are so huge, they spill out the sides of bra cups and can be seen between the chicks arms and her sides.
  • dunlop

    The belly "done-lops" over the belt
  • Nubbing

    To insert nub (part left from amputated limb) into vagina or anus to cause sexual pleasure.
  • nubbs

    A sketchy creeper who hides in bushes and stalks everyone
  • nubb

    1.)nubb - to ignore or reject; fail to acknowledge
    2.)nubbing - the act of ignoring
    3.)nubbed - having been rejected
  • no remorse

    1. without remorse.
    2. a badass song by metallica.
  • cootchie

    Female genitalia
  • muffys

    The fluffy, foam-like covers on headphones.
    (also spelled as "muffies")
  • Muffies

    Made famous by panera bread, muffies are made of only the top portion of a muffin, which is always the tastier part.
    unlike muffins, muffies are flat and thin and delicious.
  • Muffy

    (1) a preppy female, quintessentialized at st. lawrence university. the muffy can be spotted with her vera bradley bag, coordinating accessories, and her upturned collar.

    (2) the female partner of the larry.

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