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  • must-have

    Needed or truly desirable; essential; also, something that is considered essential or truly desirable
  • DMS

    Dirty money syndicate, drugs money sex, droppin many suckas.

    nation wide crew originating in nyc.
    some bands associated include : madball, skarhead, crown of thornz, icepick, agnostic front, vietnom...
  • hardcore dance

    As unbiased as possible:

    to my understanding, hardcore dancing originated with circle pits where you basically ran left in a circle and flailed your arms into the onlookers. then towards the 90's modern hardcore dancing emerged. unlike the souther californian circle pits, modern day moshing started in places like new york and boston which had thriving hardcore scenes. with the rapid growth of the dance came the breakdowns. bands soon had to incorporate sections where fans could dance a specific way. the breakdown usually has the guitarist/s playing a few repetitive chords on the lowest strings while the drummer hits the bass pedal each time the guitarist strums resulting in an almost militaristic, uniform sound which many fans can show off their newly learned moves.

    the most common dance moves are:
    2 step which basically crosses one foot in front of the other while staying in generally the same place and arms swing across.
    the windmill is when you flail your arms forward to the beat of the song
    picking up change: pretty self explanatory
    spin kick, also self explanatory

    the dancing can even be applied to deathmetal/hardcore hybrid bands. using hxc dance moves during fights is highly discourages as this is only a fashion.
  • Hardcore Kids

    Hxc kids don't wear tight jeans, or have big hair, or listen to any bands listed above.

    typical hxc kids have buzzed hair, khaki or gym shorts, and pullover hoodies.

    real hardcore bands

    real hxc kids will don't do that gay "hardcore two-step" dancing talked about above either.

    leg tattoos are popular, but someone with all of the "stupid" piercings listed above like septums and large gauges is really a scenester, not hardcore
  • hardcore kid

    Lets see a true hardcore kid does not wear tight pants thats gay scene bullshit. and crews are not a part of hardcore. true hardcore kids don't follow a trend and they don't have to dance at shows to be hardcore. hardcore is about not following trends. it's about being free from the masses. and you don't have to be edge to be hardcore anyone can be edge.this is the true definiton of a hardcore kid they don't give a fuck what you think. they do what they want to. they don't follow your stupid trends. and they don't join stupid crews.
  • Desk Job

    A blow job given from under a desk while the recipient sits at said desk.
  • Cube Farm

    A cluster of cubicles in an office. from the top down, they look like an art farm or bee nest, hiving productive little workers into their cells.
  • verry

    One who is extremely good looking.
  • so very

    A 1980s shorten version of the expression "very cool" or very awesome".
  • Chapped

    To get in trouble. usually with the police. used often in santa cruz county.

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